The concept

ΚΛΙΛΜO̲ . Experimental dining. A symbol of change. A concept of contrast. A pure art form of nostalgia. A story that underlines the fear of mediocrity and the tendency to exploit the peak of potential and constantly strive for the absolute.
ΚΛΙΛΜO̲ is all about seasonality and terroir. Our menu changes once every three months and it represents a symbiosis between the nature that surrounds us and the passing of age. In our kitchen, the aim is to go back to the origins of our ancestors when meals were defined by the geographical position and the season upon it. In this scenario, nature is the true artist. As Chefs, we just prepare the main stage for it to shine at its own pace through a particular form of cuisine. Our values are built around Mother Nature, with core focus on the passion for gastronomy and respect for local produce and artisans alike.

As a guest, we invite you to step into our world and allow us to influence yours.

Contemplate this.